10 Unusual Driving Test Tips

You’ve passed the hurdle of your Theory Test and you’re now booked to take an actual driving test. Your instructor and some of your friends have probably briefed you on what to expect on your driving test. You’ve read the tips on how to pass, but they only served to make you more nervous. Let’s take the unusual route to calm your nerves to make you feel like a pro the moment you get behind the wheel.


For that instant burst of confidence, smile at yourself in the mirror when you wake up and smile at the examiner with a chirpy greeting. Keep in mind that your instructor wouldn’t give you the go signal to take the test if he or she didn’t think you were good enough for it. The driving test lets you show the examiner your instructor was right!

2-Do jumping jacks!

Exercising releases mood-enhancing endorphins that will get you in the zone of positive thinking. Starting the day right will lead you to visualise being able to manoeuvre your car in any situation your examiner puts you in, making you finish your test with flying colours. Remember to breathe!

3-Wear your power colour!

For many people, blue gives them a sense of confidence. Wear something blue or your favourite colour so you can feel comfortable and at your best.

4-Grab a banana!

Bananas are chock-full of vitamins that calm the nerves. They also contain tryptophan, a protein that your body converts into a magical, feel-good hormone called serotonin. The potassium in bananas also help maintain a normal heart rate and keep a steady flow of oxygen to your brain.

5-Play Sudoku!

Have something to distract yourself as you wait for your turn at the wheel for your driving test. If you’re not a fan of Sudoku, do some crosswords instead, sketch the people around you, or read your favourite book or magazine.


If you’re a bundle of nerves on your test day, you won’t be able to drive properly. You need to be able to perform the driving manoeuvres calmly and smoothly. Relax by turning your head around, up and down, and left and right. Circle your shoulders forward and back. Loosen up!

7-Think that everyone else is stupid!

It’s probably not a nice way to think about other people, but it could get you through your test like a pro. Imagine that the other motorists don’t know a fig about driving properly, and it’s up to you to show them how it’s done. Follow the road signs like the star driving student that you are, and when your instructor gives you directions, show everyone the right way to get there.

8-Go the extra mile!

This means logging extra hours in your car prior to the test. Ask your driving instructor to take you on a route you are not familiar with or on different types of roads and in different weather conditions and pretend you’re doing your actual test. It’s like cheating, but not really.

9-Sit and observe!

Days before your test, go to a busy intersection and find a spot where you can observe the traffic, the pedestrians, and how the traffic lights change. Imagine yourself coming in from different directions, taking note of where pedestrians and the other motorists are coming from. Observing traffic lets you become aware of several factors you would need to consider during your test.


We know how important social media is in daily life, but if you’re taking your test, it’s a good idea to keep it quiet and not tell everyone about it. You may be looking for support from friends, but it also puts pressure on yourself. You might feel the need to check on your status every now and then, and be worried about failing and being embarrassed about it. If you tell only your best mate and your parents, you’ll feel less pressurised and if you fail, you can trust they won’t tell on you.


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