8 Vital Things You Should Consider Before You Buy A Motorbike

Buying your first motorbike is a momentous event. If you have had all your training and passed your test, you will be eager to buy your first bike and hit the road. Finding the right bike for you and ensuring it is within your budget is important. You need to make sure that you choose a bike that suits you well and one that you can handle with ease. Before you buy a bike, you need to consider whether it is the right decision for you. You might love the idea of getting a motorbike, but are you ready for the harsh reality of owning it? Diving into a decision without thinking it through is a bad move. You should know that you need to think ahead before you do anything. Here are eight vital things you should consider before buying a motorbike.

Can you afford a motorbike?

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It might sound like an obvious question, but you need to consider whether you can afford a motorbike. Your initial reaction might be that you can afford a bike, but are you considering all the costs? The day to day running of a bike is not cheap. After you buy a bike, you also will need to pay for fuel, tax and insurance. Many bikes are unreliable. You will need to get regular checks for your motorbike to see that everything is in working order. You should think long and hard about the type of bike you want to get. If you get a classic bike, for example, you might end up paying more for vehicle maintenance in the long run. If a part breaks on your classic bike, you might find that few companies make the part. That means you will have to pay extra cash for specialist parts. Look at your current financial plan and see whether you can afford a motorbike.


Do you want a new or used bike?

When you are choosing your first bike, you will likely want to get a brand new model. Remember, a new bike is going to be more costly than a used bike. The key to getting a great deal is finding a secondhand bike that is only a few years old. That way, you won’t have to pay top end prices for the bike, but you can ensure that it is still in a great condition. Talk to the person who is selling the bike before you buy it. You need to find out as much as you can about the motorbike’s history so that you can decide whether it is worth the money.

Would you join a motorbike club?

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Many bikers find pleasure in joining a motorbike club when they get their first bike. You should decide whether you want to join a club before you buy your first bike. If you are a lone rider, you might enjoy riding your motorbike without anyone else. Some people enjoy riding as a group, though, so you should consider this option. You will need to pay an annual subscription to a biking club. In return, you will meet fellow motorbike enthusiasts and attend club events.

Do you understand motorbike safety?

Motorbike safety is vital when you get your first bike. When you are an experienced biker, safety techniques will come to you with ease. When you first start riding a motorbike, though, you need to make sure that your mind is always active. It only takes a minor lapse in concentration to cause a major accident. If you get into an accident, you could be in danger. Cars are much safer than motorbikes. That means that if you have a collision with a car, you could have some awful injuries. Make sure that you read about safety techniques and take an active role in looking after your safety on the road.

Can you pay for the insurance?

Insurance is one of the biggest costs of owning a motorbike. When you have just passed your biking test, your insurance will be rather high. Motorbike insurance in the UK favours people with experience. That means that it will cost you a great deal to insure your bike when you first start riding it. In the first few years, you will find that insuring your bike is expensive. Not insuring your motorbike is illegal. If you don’t have insurance when you have an accident, you could get in some serious trouble. In severe cases, you could end up paying huge fines because you don’t have insurance. Before you get a bike, you should look into various insurance policies online. Knowing what policies you can get will mean that you have a clear idea of how much insurance will cost.

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Where will you store the bike?

Motorbikes are valuable. That means that you will want to store your bike in a secure place so that no harm comes to it. If you leave your motorbike on the roadside overnight, you might wake up to find that you no longer have a bike. The sorry truth of the matter is that bikes are prime targets for theft. If you don’t have a garage because you live in a flat, you should consider paying for a storage unit. Look for storage space near your home where you can keep your bike. When you first get a bike, you don’t want to risk anything happening to it.

Is a motorbike practical?

If you are planning to use your motorbike as your primary form of transport, you need to consider whether it is practical. If you have a family, for example, how are you going to take them places? You can’t take children on the back of motorbikes. In the same respect, will your bike suit your working life? If you work in a professional environment, a bike might not be the best form of transport for you. If you have to wear a suit to work, the last thing you want is to get oil on it when you ride your motorbike in the morning. Make sure you think about how having a motorbike will impact your life before you buy one.


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