A Lucrative Way of Saying Goodbye to Your Car

If you’re looking for a great way of getting rid of your car because it doesn’t really represent your taste in automobiles anymore or it’s damaged beyond repair, you should think about taking it to an auto wrecker or junk yard. Here, if you have a clean title, you’ll be able to walk away with some cash in exchange for it, so it’s definitely an option you should not disregard. And if you’re curious just how much of your car is going to be recycled, if it weighs 3500 pounds, then 90% to 93% of it will be recycled.


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Ensuring A Reliable Supply of Lithium

It’s clear that when it comes to lithium, we shouldn’t give up on recycling it. According to info from the Waste Management World, the majority of the world’s supply of lithium comes from countries like Bolivia, Chile and Argentina which are very well known for not having the most stable governments. With that in mind, if there will ever be disruptions in the supply of lithium this will have untold effects on the producers of EV batteries.

There are though some EVs that just use the newer nickel metal hydride batteries. On top of that, Honda recently announced that company officials are on the brink of coming up with a process that would reuse rare earth metals, which would be extracted from these batteries, so that they can create new nickel metal hydride batteries.

Auto Wreckers Sell Valuable Parts

If a car body removal in Brisbane determines that a vehicle still has some value, then its parts will be put up for sale. There are even some locations out there which will allow people to come in and take a look through the old cars and see if they find some useful parts they might need. Using tools, you can go and check out the car lots and if you see some parts you need, you can remove them and then pay for what they’re worth. However, in some cases, the vehicles will be so badly damaged, that nothing can be salvaged from them but the engine (if it’s still in good condition).

Vehicles Are Crushed, Sorted and Melted

1. After the vehicles are crushed, they will be loaded and then shipped to a shredding plant ten to twelve at a time. They’ll go through a shredder, which resembles those used for paper, but at a much larger scale, which will tear them into pieces. Eventually, the pieces will be separated into ASR or auto shredder residue, non ferrous and ferrous metals (like aluminum for instance). The ASR generally consists of rubber, wood, fabric and plastic.

2. Next, these pieces will be sent to a mill which will melt them and thus turn them into new metal which is going to be used for making other vehicles. In some cases, the metal from these cars may also be used in batteries that power flashlights and cameras, according to info released by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers.

Even though historically much of the auto shredder residue has been sent to landfills, there are still plenty of companies that use it for various purposes. With that in mind, for everyone who wants to get cash for cars, all they need to do is take their vehicle to the nearest junkyard and see how much they’ll get for it.


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