A UK guide to the most reliable family cars

When choosing a family car, one of the most important factors to consider is reliability. With children needing to be transported to school, to their friends and anywhere else they need to go, weekly supermarket trips and planned vacations, It is important to have a family car that you can trust. There are many great family cars on the market today that are popular throughout the UK. With the pressures of having a family meaning that transport is essential, investing in a reliable family car is important. The last thing you need is constant trips to the garage because your family car is unreliable. With children being a constant demand, it can sometimes feel like you are a chauffeur service. The need to have a family car you can trust will be imperative. With manufacturers such as Toyota and Honda leading the way, here we look at some of the most popular and reliable family cars in the UK today.

1. Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla is manufactured by The Japanese company Toyota. During 1997, the Toyota Corolla had become the biggest selling nameplate globally overtaking the Volkswagen Beetle. The popularity of the Corolla can be further highlighted with over 39 million cars being sold by 2012. As a family vehicle, it has proved to be a popular choice throughout the UK. Since its introduction in 1997, the car has undergone several redesigns. The popularity of this vehicle whether brand new or second-hand from car dealers has seen the vehicle remain a firm favourite with families. Find more information on the Toyota Corolla here.

2. Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is another popular choice for families in the UK. It has an excellent reputation for being a very dependable car making it perfect for intensive use. Surveys and consumer reviews have see the Honda Civic score high in terms of usability and reliability. Important also is its safety features including stability control, airbags and active anti-whiplash front head restraints. Its results from the Euro NCAP test were also impressive with a score of 94% for adult safety and 83% for child safety.

3. Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is another great choice for families. As a saloon car it has plenty of room and has proven to be very reliable. Somewhat expensive, the Honda Accord has been one of Hondas most popular motors for the last 30 years since its introduction in 1976. It has currently had 8 redesigns and continues to a very popular choice as a family car. Its reputation has seen sales remain consistent with car dealers also seeing used models being sought after.

4. Toyota Auris

The Toyota Auris is another popular choice for families. It demonstrates all the qualities that a family car should have including reliability and practicality. The car is extremely practical offering wider door openings and more interior space being perfect for the average family. This car of choice also boasts plenty of boot space. Toyota is continually associated with reliability and the Auris continues to represent this statement. Using already proven mechanical parts, the Toyota Auris has continued to achieve positive results in consumer reviews.

5. Mazda3 hatchback

The Mazda3 hatchback is another quality family car of choice. It has an excellent reputation for reliability and has excellent safety features that include curtain airbags and anti-whiplash head restraints. As with the other featured family cars, it also scores highly for adult and child protection.

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