Are American-made Cars Truly American?

The Craze for American Products

The craze of all things American takes over the minds of people all over the world. American goods are considered high-end in the minds of most people. However, is this true for cars? And if yes, are American cars truly American? We often buy a car thinking that it is American. Many of us are obsessed with Americanism, and think that anything having an element of that is bound to prove a success.

For many residing in America, domestic American cars don’t hold more value than any of the imports. Imported cars from Japan, Germany, Korea, or other nations are, many a time, preferred by natives of America, especially the youth for their amazing designs, smooth performance, and classy appeal.

Loyalty towards American Products

On the other hand, there is another class of Americans who believes in staying true to their nation and its products. So, is there a tug of war between both the parties? Nay! The actual conflict is deciding whether a car is truly American or not. Many would think that an American car is the one manufactured in the US whereas imported cars are manufactured outside America. But, is that the only distinguishing factor or is it the true definition of an American car? This is tricky.

American Brands

An American car is not the one manufactured in America, but it is actually the brand name that matters. An American car is essentially a car that was manufactured by an American car company. This car could be manufactured in the American land or outsourced by the parent company to another to be manufactured outside. So, be clear with the meaning of American cars before you plan to buy one.

If you are buying an American brand for the love of all things American, then it’s a good idea. But, if you are buying it in order to benefit your nation, then it may be a foolish idea to do so. This is because when an American company outsources a car to a company in some other nation, the benefits are garnered by the other nation. So, think wisely before buying an American car. Moreover, it was found in a study that American cars consist of parts that are not all American; 80% of parts in an American car are non-American.

Buy the Best American Car

If you are still planning to buy domestic cars for the love of their brands, do a thorough homework. Buy the best America-made cars like GMC Arcadia, Ford F-series, Jeep Compass, and Chevrolet Corvette. As per the 2013 study, GMC Acadia, Buick Enclave, and Chevrolet Traverse top the charts in the most ‘American made’ cars’ category. My personal favourite is the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. This lovely beauty is a thing of pride to own. I am totally in love with this gorgeous beauty. Chrysler has been a top American car as per study reports. In spite of the several recall issues faced by this car in the past, it has been labelled as a safe vehicle. The Dodge Ram comes with an open air roof, thus making it more apt for adventure-seekers rather than for classy people.

Car buying is every person’s dream. Whether you want to own it for comfort, luxury, or as a piece of pride, buy it at the most affordable prices and in the most convenient way. If you stay in Savannah, you may order Savannah used cars through online classified ads. This is a very easy and comfortable mode of buying a used car. You can find your deal getting quickly materialised here. Moreover, you save a lot of money if you are a seller of used domestic cars when you place a free ad on online portals; newspaper classifieds cost you so much!

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