Can It Ever Be Affordable for a Young Driver to Own a Classic Muscle Car?

Whether you’re a newly qualified driver or you’ve had your license for a few years but you’re still classified as a young driver, it’s more than likely that you’re going to struggle to afford a high performance car. Whether it’s the cost of insurance, of petrol, the MOT or quite simply the month-to-month maintenance, owning a classic muscle car won’t be cheap. So the question is then, should you totally scratch the idea from your mind, or are there ways to make it more affordable? In this article, we answer those questions and more, so read on if you want to know if it can ever be affordable for a young driver to own a classic muscle car.

The Privilege of Owning a Classic, High Performance Vehicle

Of course, it’s every newly qualified driver’s dream to own a high performance car. After months of driving lessons and potentially thousands of pounds going into your driving practices and tests, it’s more than likely that you want to purchase a car that befits your celebratory mood. However, although it might be a privilege to own a high performance vehicle, it’s not easy.

Cost Upon Cost

Ideally, you’d probably like to purchase your classic muscle car up front and drive it off the showroom forecourt to show it off to your friends. However, there are so many high costs associated with owning such a car that realistically, this idea is probably going to remain a dream. Firstly, most insurance providers are more than likely going to increase their quotes for ownership of this kind of vehicle; secondly, your petrol consumption rate will be extremely high as a result of the large V8 (or similar) engine in the car; and thirdly, vehicle maintenance and the annual MOT is likely to be extremely expensive, particularly if the car is of a classic, old type.

Cost Lowering Measures

Other than purchasing a completely different, more economical type of vehicle, there are very few options when it comes to lowering the cost of your vehicle. One possibility, however, is to ensure you’re getting the best insurance deal with a young driver’s insurance quote available from specialist insurers like AXA Car Insurance. This way, you know you’re getting an insurance quote that is tailored to your needs as a young driver.

Ultimately, It’s not easy to see how a young driver could afford a classic muscle/performance car, but if you have the opportunity to invest in one, go ahead and make your dream come true.


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