Can putting your car in your garage help you save money on car insurance?

Having a clean and tidy garage so you can store your car inside could save you money on your car insurance! Well that is what some people think but is that actually true?

Some people believe that storing their car in a garage overnight will increase the security around them, and as some insurers work by the policy that safety means a lower premium, this should reduce the costs of your insurance. However is anyone really sure?

Dencroft Concrete Garages of Yorkshire has been asked this question by many homeowners who are looking to build bespoke garages, and as a result have looked deeper into the responses to try and find the answer.

What the insurers say:

According to leading reports, there are no significant rules in place which will mean that if your car is stored in a garage your insurance will certainly be reduced. Premiums are affected via a number of different factors and for some companies this will include whether the car is stored in a garage, whilst others place more weight on age of driver, the car and the postcode of the home address.

Even the experts are unsure. The motor relationship manager Paul Sample said that: “Some insurers will take garaging of a vehicle, for example, into consideration – but some won’t.” According to a spokesperson from, most of the time it will reduce a premium, whereas in some occasions it can actually have the opposite effect. This is because you may not suffer a theft to your car at all when it is parked outside a garage, however, during reversing in and out of your garage you could easily scratch it or bump the rear of the car.

So is it all a myth?

Well no not really. According to these reports what is more important is to ensure your car is where you say it will be overnight. For this reasons making sure your car can fit in your garage if you claim it is in there is a must, so keeping your garage clear is important. Car insurers can use satellite images to determine whether you have a garage at your home and if you read the small print within the insurance quote, it could mean your insurance does not cover you if your car is not kept there most of the time.

Although there is no hard and fast ruling, if you can put your car in your garage you should. Not only will it help to keep it secure, cleaner and mean the engine is not so susceptible to colder temperatures, it will also give you more space on the driveway. Using a concrete garage will also add to the security and whilst it might not reduce your premium of your insurance, it should prevent you from having to go down a complicated claims procedure should your car be set alight or have a window broken it. It will also prevent people from crashing into it when travelling at speed down the road.

Despite no-one being able to give real assurances, making sure you have a garage that is secure will give your more peace of mind regarding the safety of your car. For that reason, most recommend storing your car in your garage overnight.

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