Check Before Buying An Used Car

Buying An Used Car 300x199 Check Before Buying An Used CarBuying a car is indeed an easy task when it comes to brand new cars. But the job becomes very difficult and tricky when you are going for used car. There is none who wants to go for used cars until and unless it is a neccessity. There are several reasons when you have to opt for second hand cars because either you are rejected a bank loan due to which you have to settle for a far lesser budget or else you just cannot afford a new car. But whatever may be the reason you need to make sure that the deal that you make goes best with your plans. All dealers are smart and they will always be there to fetch more pricce for the car. Hence before you decide the car, take a note of the following tips.

 Tips While Buying Used Cars

  • Never practice any casual visit to car dealer store. They will know of your intentions and the next time you actually turn up to the store they will not pay any heed to your budget but rather show you car models and prices which you cannot deny. Hence it is always better to go for car dealer after doing a considerable research on the dealer store and then making sure that you know about the pricing. Hence it is better to have a budget plan so that you can have a profitable deal.
  • Check the exterior of the car and see whether there is any kind of scratches or lack of paint. Check the tires of the see to see whether they are equally worn out and there are no irregularities.
  • There are some engineeering technicalities that you should know to check whether the car is in a good condition. Firstly, wipe the inside of the exhaust of the car with a cloth when it is cold. If you see a bundle of black soot, it indicates that the car consumes more oil than the standard content.
  • Open the cap of the oil tank and try to see inside, if you find that dry lumps of oil is floating, then it is an indication that the car has a tendency to overheat sometimes which burns more oil and when the engine is cold, the oil lumps are formed.
  • It is always mandatory for a buyer to go for a test drive especially when you are going for a used car. Open the engine after you finish your drive and if you find there is no unneccesary smoke then the car is in good condition.
  • Read the car deal very well before signing it. Good car dealers offer car servicing guarantee for some months. See whether the deal has mention of such clauses or not.

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