Eight Tips for Safer Overlanding

The well known 4×4 instructor, has been asked to share his experiences of safe over landing done by him for many years. According to him not to be in hurry while going on a leisure trip is the most important rule for safe over landing. Normally people make mistakes in assessing the time of travelling on such trips as per normal schedule but they regret of their wrong decisions when they get out off metaled road. People normally take wrong decisions on the basis of the maps that tell them about distance and approximate time taken to travel it but they do not tell them about the actual difficulties that will meet you on the way like potholes, corrugations and broken roads which will obstruct you in finishing the drive in the predetermined time span. So, some tips told by Gary to help you for safer over landing in your 4×4 accessories are provided in this article for your guidance.

Jeep Cars 300x225 Eight Tips for Safer Overlanding

Plan you schedule with enough margin: For instance if you are planning to go into wilds in your 10 day’s vacations then you should plan a trip for 7 days so that you can complete it in time even if you face certain adverse conditions as you have ample marginal time at your hand. Thousands of endless variety of wild animals and the river may attract your attention in summer season. Such and several other incidents on your way can make your short time shorter and you will not be able the maneuver your timing in any case.

Keep proper clothing with you: People normally forget have their proper clothing according to the season at your destination with them during such trips which can make it difficult for you to complete your over landing safely and well in time

Keep proper arrangement for rainy season also: You should pack some additional clothing and other accessories like pack of toys, cards, books and games that can be used in rainy season while going on vacation trip with 4×4 accessories.

Turn down your sun-wiser to ease your eyes: During the long drives you should turn down the sun-wiser of your vehicle to keep away the strain and tiredness of your eyes.

Avoid driving when tired: If you are driving for long time you may feel drowsy after few hours’ drive, so you should stop your vehicle at suitable place and have a nap for half an hour at least to land with your accessories safely.

Stop travelling after it is dark: Whether you are tired or not you should avoid travelling at night as roads almost become dangerous after getting dark as vehicles, animals and pedestrians on the road without any source of light may increase the chances of accidents.

Avoid overloading your vehicle: Overloading your vehicle at such trips can be troublesome for your safety. Travelling with least load on your 4×4 accessories can be ideal for you.

Drive slow on off roads: Normally people drive fast on off roads due to their comfortable vehicles but it is advisable to be slow for your safe over landing.


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