For Maximum Fun, Retrofit Your Ski Boat

If you’re in the mood for a new ski boat but don’t have the money to afford a brand new one, you can always retrofit your current ski boat with newer parts. Retrofitting is a great way to make your ski boat feel like new without breaking the bank. So which parts are the best for giving your ski boat the ultimate facelift?

Wakeboard Tower

According to, a monster wakeboard tower is an inexpensive yet effective way to take your older ski boat to the next level. If you like the idea of getting a wakeboard tower, opt for one that is fully compatible with any hull width. It’s also best that you choose a name brand that has been in the wakeboard tower business for a long time.

Cruise Control

If you do decide to get a wakeboard tower, you may also want to get cruise control for your ski boat. With cruise control, wakeboarding is made that much safer and lets the driver put more of their focus on the rider and the water instead of the speed. It’s recommended that you choose a cruise control that works with a wide variety of ski boats.

Deck Foam

Deck foam is a great way to take care of any spills, seat stains, and carpet shreds that your boat has. Look for deck foam kits that are simple to clean and made to be durable. If you are unable to find a deck foam kit that matches the configurations of your boat, it’s entirely possible for you to have one custom made.

Audio Equipment

If you love listening to music while taking your boat out on the water, consider adding some quality audio equipment. If you have a great audio system in your automobile that you love, there’s a good chance that the manufacturer also makes speakers for boats. Wake Essentials is a good source for audio equipment, just look for a system that’s easy to install and wire up.

If you’ll be pairing your monster wakeboard tower with some brand new speakers, it’s a good idea to find a tower that already has handy holes drilled into it so that you can keep all of your wires straight and neat.


Fans of wake surfing and wakeboarding are usually also fans of ballast. Ballast is used to sink the boat and allow boarders to wake longer and make it easier for beginners to get the hang of wakeboarding. One of the nice things about ballasts is that they can be placed nearly anywhere on your boat. No matter what kind of ballast you get, you’ll want to ensure that you get a quality ballast pump so that you’ll have an easier time of filling up and dumping water.

While there are several other upgrades that you can make to your ski boat, these five are sure to make the biggest impact to your boating experience.


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