Online Convenience for Selling a Car

People use the Internet for so many things these days. So why should they not use it to buy and sell cars? Often people struggle to find serious buyers if they advertise through the local press. If they trade them in they can lose the advantage they would have as a cash buyer. It makes sense to investigate any company that offers to buy used cars for their own purposes. After all, if you are unhappy about the price that is quoted you can simply decline politely and move on.

Using a service like this can certainly save time. You will probably need to drive to an agreed place to have your car assessed but that is a small price to pay if the result is a price you can agree.

54 Online Convenience for Selling a Car


You will need to have all your documents in order before you go and then it is up to the valuer to inspect the car and make an assessment. You will need to provide the car registration document, the service history, MOT and any manuals you may have. It will cost you nothing to get a free car valuation initially and the whole process should not take more than half an hour.


If you find a good company offering to buy and you want to sell your car, you should be able to see evidence of the service it has offered in the past and testimonials to support that. There is no reason why you should not expect your money the same day. In all likelihood it will be done by bank transfer. If there is any finance still outstanding on the car you will need to show the details because of course that must be settled with your receiving the balance.


It sounds easy and so it should be. There are companies offering this service throughout the country. In the North East for example there are three large conurbations on the three main rivers, Tees, Wear and Tyne and that provides a large market place. Companies buying and selling used vehicles are likely to have a network of dealers on the lookout for specific vehicles and even other members of the public.

The industry has had a few difficult years but the recession has receded in the UK and consumers are once again confident to purchase items such as cars. The increase in e-commerce suggests that many are going straight to the Internet to do it; websites have comprehensive information so that potential buyers can see what is available immediately. Potential sellers can do the same thing and with a minimum of effort sell their car before negotiating to buy a new one – effectively as a cash buyer.

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