Put The Summer Car In Storage And Get The Backup Ready

Part of the thrill of summer is being able to cruise around town with the top down, racing along the open road in a convertible, or feeling the warm summer winds on the back of a beloved motorcycle. But living in northern climates means that we’ve eventually got to put our toys away—sigh—and get ready for another cold winter (this one promises to be a doozy, with another polar vortex on the way). With the sports car in storage, we get back behind the wheel of something practical, durable, and road-tough. But driving a “backup” vehicle doesn’t have to a dull or ugly experience—sometimes the more heavy-duty, winter-ready pick-up or jeep can be just as cool, rugged, and exciting as the sleek summer number.

Ford Ranger New Caledonia February 2013 Put The Summer Car In Storage And Get The Backup Ready

When thinking about attractive but tough vehicles, Ford trucks often come to mind. Now that the Ford F-150 and Escape are on the market, the old Ford Ranger has been phased out, but like with anything great, it’s gone but not forgotten! Used Rangers offer excellent performance in cold weather and winter road conditions, and are still widely available for sale throughout the GTA at online databases like Kijiji—simply type in used Ford Ranger for sale in the search bar to get a sense of all that’s out there and looking for a good home.

Depending on where you live and what you do for a living, having a dependable vehicle like the Ford Ranger can make all the difference between a pleasurable or dreadful winter. With 4-wheel drive traction control, icy roads are under your control; even steep and slippery hills are no match for the Ranger’s Hill Start Assist and Hill Descent Control features, which help you get moving and regulate your speed on slopes. A comprehensive ESP (Electronic Stability Program) will sense if you’re deviating across lanes in snowy or foggy conditions, and the emergency brake warning and emergency brake assist make driving off-road in inclement weather all the more safe and secure.

If you depend upon your vehicle for work to haul supplies, or you’re simply more into the lighter side of winter and need a ride that can cart your snowmobiles, ski-doos, and other hefty equipment, a Ford Ranger has you covered. With 2.2 and 3.2 litreDuratorq diesel engines, you won’t be held back byeven the heaviest snowfalls on those off-road trails. Rangers have massive payload capacities, too—that means you can carry up to 1340 kg. or 2954 lbs. in a 1.8 cubic metreloadbox. Practically speaking, there’s hardly anything too heavy or large for this tough customer.

If the road conditions are clear but it’s simply the frigid cold that has you down, stalling and preventing many lighter or less durable vehicles from starting up, Rangers are reliable: they’ve come to life in -40 degree temperatures at altitudes of 4500 metres. They’re even able to plow through water up to 800 millimetres deep without encountering any problems, making them an ideal choice for those facing the extreme in all its forms.

Even though other models are now available, a used Ford Ranger is still an extremely versatile, modern vehicle that provides a great deal of comfort for those facing another cold winter. As with any used models, a vast variety of upgrades, options, and customizations are available—you just need to know where to look. Finding a beautiful used Ranger in your price range may mean that switching your summer car for a winter truck is a gratifying change of pace.


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