The Secret to Keeping Your Used Car Looking Brand New

If we can spend on anti-aging creams, wrinkle removers, and plastic surgery to keep ourselves looking young and fresh, why can’t we do the same to our cars? Like people, some cars don’t age very well, but unlike people, cars don’t need hundreds and thousands of dollars to look new.

Some fine examples of used cars can be found in South Jersey used car dealerships, and there you’ll see that when it comes to making cars look like they’ve just rolled off the assembly line, the secret is nothing more than good ol’ TLC.

Here’s how you can give your car the tender loving care it deserves to make it look (and smell) brand new!

Keep it clean, inside and out.

Remember that the goal is to keep your car look brand new. In this sense, your first-generation Toyota Celica, thoroughly washed, trumps your neighbor’s brand-new Honda Civic that hasn’t seen any form of moisture in the past month. After washing your car, remember to dry it thoroughly and apply wax to give for that new-car sheen.

Cleaning the car includes the interiors, so it’s best to invest in a small portable vacuum that you can use to get rid of all the accumulated dirt between and underneath the upholstery seats. Better yet, go to a professional car detailer who can clean, dust, wash, and even polish your car’s interiors, including the vent openings and the console.

Mind the smell.

If your car’s previous owner was fond of smoking inside the vehicle, no doubt your car would be smelling like an ashtray. Use an odor eliminator to get rid of the smell, and buy a couple of air fresheners with a scent you like. If you constantly forget to take out your basketball shoes and other gear from the trunk, then you should try to be more responsible, or at least get another air freshener to hang in the trunk.

Don’t forget the tires.

Check your tires to see if they still have good tread. If they’re in good condition, apply tire shine on the sidewalls so that your tires will look clean and new. If, however, you notice that the tires are starting to grow bald, better get a new set not only for your car’s looks but your own safety as well.

Fix exteriors.

Some minor scratches are unnoticeable, while some forms of exterior body damage—such as a deep dent on the fender—can make it hard for you to sleep at night. Have your exteriors checked and fixed, especially if you’re considering selling the car. In the same vein, any chips in the car’s mirrors and windows should be repaired.

Get new accessories.

Your car may not be new, but if you get the right accessories, your car will definitely look and feel new. Replace burned-out lights, windshield wipers, interior lights, car organizers, floor mats, and other accessories. You can even choose to have a whole new entertainment system installed.

The most important thing to remember to make a car look new is to take care of the engine and have it serviced or checked regularly. Any car, no matter how pretty or sweet-smelling it is, is not at all roadworthy if the engine won’t start in the first place.


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