The Worst Car Ever Made In The World Vs The Best

Sometimes the worst always seems to be just as famous as the best, for example the ugliest dog in the world, Walle, is just as famous if not more as the cutest dog, Boo. So carrying this same thought over to the car industry, could the Peel Trident be just as famous as the Fiat 500 or the Ford Fiesta?

The Peel Trident 

The Peel Trident was created in 1965 and was classed as a ‘Microcar’. For a microcar this little bubble of fun had it all – two seats and a detachable shopping basket! We think as far microcar’s go, these are some pretty luxurious features to have. However I don’t this “shopping car” would have too many friends on the road with the top speed only being 28mph.

Even though this is quite possibly the worst car ever made, it has had it’s fair share of publicity rivalling those cars that are of quality and in demand. The Peel Trident was featured in the Monster Garage television series in America were engineers tried to fit a Suzuki Hayabusa Superbike Engine into this microcar. As you can probably imagine, this rather fun experiment failed miserably with the Trident Peel being destroyed.

That’s not the only air time the microcar had as it also appeared on the ever popular Top Gear television series in the UK. The show’s hose, Jeremy Clarkson actually managed to drive the Peel Trident through the corridors and office of the BBC with some rather strange looks from employees.

Unfortunately the car didn’t last long on the market with only 45 models being produced in the one year it was active.

Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta has been around since 1976 and is classed as a ‘supermini’ car. This great car has now reached it’s 6th generation of models and is most likely going to remain the Best Selling Car of 2013 for the fifth consecutive year.

The Ford Fiesta had it’s first massive success when winning the Best Selling Supermini back in 1978 and picked up many awards along the way including releasing the sixth generation model to America which was seen driven in the hit US television series, Vampire Diaries.

Just like the Peel Trident, the Ford Fiesta has been featured on the UK television series, Top Gear, numerous times. The most popular episode being in 2008 when Jeremy Clarkson responded to a viewers complaint they they don’t test cars properly, by driving a Ford Fiesta through a supermarket and landing on a beach!


Even though the Peel Trident has had a fair amount of publicity, it is no match for the growing and ever-evolving, Ford Fiesta. Congratulations Ford Fiesta you have won… I bet this feels better than winning the Best Selling Car?

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