What’s the Best Used Audi You Can Buy?

Audis do tend to hold their value, but if you’re in the market for a used one, then there are some fantastic choices to suit most budgets. Let’s take a look at the best car you can buy for under £5k, £10k, £15k and £20k, all available currently on classifieds sites like AA Cars.

Under 5K

Just a few grand will get you an S3 from around 2002 in a very tidy condition. A turbocharged 1.8 making 225bhp can be found under the bonnet, making this a serious hot hatch. A 0-60 time in the mid sixes is competitive even with many modern performance hatches, which means that you’re getting really good value for money. Build quality is pretty good too, but make sure that you’re getting a good example when you’re looking at cars of this age, as repairs can be very expensive.

Under 10K

It will have a fair few miles on it, and there aren’t many about at this price, but 10k will just about stretch to a 2006 S8. For those that don’t know, this is the flagship. Five metres and 450bhp of German muscle, the S8 is a continent-eating limousine. 0-60 is almost supercar quick, taking just a shade over five seconds. You’ll get all of the comforts you expect, but then the running costs are just as eye-watering as you’d expect too. Still, you’ll be hard-pressed to find more car for your money than this.

Under 15K

The current RS6 is possibly the ultimate performance wagon, and the model of about 10 years ago was just as brutal in its day. It’s probably the best car on this list. With the same 450bhp as the S8, the lighter car takes about 4.5 seconds to reach sixty and will continue pulling all the way to the 155mph limiter. It’s a monster that will embarrass supercars and still has space to take your family camping.

Under 20K

We’re sticking with the S-cars here, but you’ll get something more modern this time. Within this budget, you’ll be able to get a reasonably modern TTS. While the standard diesel TT is often looked down upon as a lesser performance car, the TTS is a red-blooded petrol coupe with handling and power to match. It’s a very accomplished car, and the pick of the range if you don’t want a saloon or wagon.


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